New Zealand's Premium Stainless Steel Hot and Cold Plunge Pools and Hot Tubs

Quality materials and second to none, world-class craftsmanship. Designed and handcrafted in Canterbury, New Zealand. Built by us especially for you to match you exact requirements. 

Plunge Pools

Our Mission

We are a bunch of hard-working kiwis who believe that everyone in New Zealand has the right to relax. Without worrying about breakages, the power bill at the end of the month or the impact your routine is having on the planet. We are genuinely wrapped to be able to offer New Zealand’s best, Kiwi made Hot Tub. Made to withstand the harshest alpine conditions right through to the sandy beaches of Raglan, all so you can relax. 

Because let’s be honest, you deserve it.

What makes our hot tubs the best in New Zealand?

Quality Design

The seating in our hot tubs is moulded to shape. This leaves no cavity inside the tub underneath the seat. This cuts out hundreds of litres of water further increasing efficiency. More importantly, it makes the seat much stronger and able to handle the repetitive weight load as you enter and exit the tub. Unlike a 'floating' seat design.

Quality Materials

All our tubs are made from stainless steel & western red Canadian cedar. With exterior steel being marine grade 316, whilst the unexposed, structural & wood-burners made from 304 grade. They are designed to be handed down from generation to generation.

Quality Workmanship

We're lucky enough to have some of the most talented engineers in New Zealand, if not the world. Each part is laser-cut for precision and then meticulously handcrafted, giving our staff the ability to exact each step of the construction process. We aim to make each hot tub flawless. This is one of the reasons we're able to give our hot tub main tank a 25-year warranty.

Large Size

Our hot tubs are some of the largest on the market at 1700 & 2100mm in diameter & standing 1200mm tall, making them significantly taller than any other steel tub on the market. This size allows you to fully submerge yourself in the soaking experience. Sometimes bigger is just better.

Friendly Service

We love learning about how you envisage your perfect hot tub in your landscape. We are keen to help where we can to make that vision a reality. No two of our hot tubs are installed the same and our friendly team will make sure the whole process from order to installation runs smoothly.

The Idea, Perfected

The idea of steel hot tubs and bathtubs has been around for hundreds of years. Whether they are stainless steel, aluminum, or enamel-coated cast iron. Manufacturers around the world each have their unique take. We have over 25 years of experience building stainless steel tanks and vessels and have focused on what makes a spa or hot tub the best, with ease of ownership being at the center of our decisions.

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All our hot tubs are made to order and we make a limited number each year, so get in touch today.

Experience Our Hot Tubs

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