Wood-fired Hot Tubs

Tekapo Hot Tub

Our most popular tub. This 1.7 meter diameter wood-fired hot tub gives you the off-grid experience of heating your own water & the intimacy of a smaller tub, whilst still allowing you to stretch out and float. Soak in the aromas from the fire as you spend quality relaxation time with those closest to you.

Wakatipu Hot Tub

Popular with families. This 2.1-meter diameter wood-fired hot tub is large enough to fit the whole cul de sac. Commonly referred to as the party tub, it can be found at the world-famous Hot Tubs Omarama. You’ll be showing off your wood burner to the extended family over a few beers before the tub’s even full of water.

What makes these tubs so special

Why Wood-fired?

Heats In 90-120 Mins

The fastest heating wood-fired hot tubs in the country. Our wood-burners are designed to be 'positively heat coefficient'. The hotter they burn, the more air they draw in and so on.

Stainless Steel Construction

All our tubs are made from stainless steel. Because of this we expect them to last at least 100 years. This will be the last hot tub you and your family will need for generations to come.

Less Water

Our seat is moulded into the shape of the tub, this cuts out hundreds of litres of water further reducing heating times and making our tubs very popular with those on restrained water supplies.

Environmentally Friendly

Locally sourced firewood is a great source of renewable energy, and for some people completely free. No more stressing about large power bills. Because you're bathing in fresh water, when you're done simply let the drain onto your lawn or garden.

Future Proofed

As there may be better sources of heating in 50 years time, we've added the plumbing under the tubs to make it super simple to attach these systems. The same goes for our accessories, these have all been designed to be simple to attach at a later date.