Frequently Asked Questions

Your Degree43 stainless steel hot tub requires almost no maintenance, and very little cleaning. Simply wipe with a clean cloth and dish washing liquid and your next tub is ready to go.

Our Auckland and Canterbury Hot tubs are around 1,000 litres and our Omarama & Wanaka Hot tubs are around 1,700 litres.

We use #304 grade stainless steel on the majority of our tubs with the remaining being #316.

#304 grade stainless steel is the perfect application for a hot tub. 

If you get lots of seaspray or are planning to use high doses of salt or chlorine in your hot tub, talk to us about upgrading your tub to #316.

Yes the tub has 4 adjustable feet and can sit on 4 pavers giving you the flexibility to place it anywhere in your backyard , whether the ground is completely level or not.

Yes! All our hot tubs are future-proofed so you can add different heating sources either now or down the track. Talk to us about how we can make your hot tub a hybrid.

Yes we can deliver your tub. As long as there is adequate access to the position you would like your tub, we will deliver & install it. Our experts will then be able to answer any questions you may have and  give you some advice on how you are able to get the most out of your hot tub. Of course you are always able to pickup from our workshop as well.

Yes! We’re experienced stainless steel engineers. We often get requests for bespoke hot tubs. Get in touch with your ideas and we’ll come up with a solution for you.

The stainless-steel construction on our Degree43 hot tubs means they are incredibly hygienic as the surface leaves no opportunity for bacterial promotion as in a wooden or plastic hot tub. Without needing to add chemicals to the water, it comes out essentially as pure as it went in, although, we do not recommend drinking your bath water… however, it is more than clean enough to use for watering your garden or any other general purpose when it’s time to drain the tub!

We own and operate an engineering company here in Christchurch. Our hot tub journey began fixing hot tubs that were too inefficient and/or were breaking. Due to the amount of work we had, we decided to design our own hot tub. I (Dwayne) had a cedar hot tub that started leaking myself, so we used that as the initial test tub. Over the years we have worked to refine our ideas and have created what we believe to be the best hot tub in New Zealand, if not the world.

Talk to us about what you really need your hot tub to achieve. With our experience we can steer you in the right direction. We have simply designed and produce the hot tub we want to have in our own backyard. It just so happens that others want it too.

Wood Fired Hot Tubs

On average, it takes our Canterbury Hot Tub around 90 mins and our Omarama Hot Tub around 120 mins. This changes depending on the ambient tempreature and quality and size of wood. Customers often comment on just how easy our burner is to light and how quick it is to heat.

Any dry firewood is fine, however, a slight mixture of hard & soft, large & small wood is ideal!

We like to change our water about every 2-3 days. As you’re bathing in freash water simply let your water out on your lawn or garden.

As standard our wood-fired hot tubs come without our filtration system. Simply drain & refill you tub every few days. If you would like to keep your water, let us know and we can add a filtration system to your hot tub.

Electric Hot Tubs

As standard, our electric hot tubs come with a filtration system which uses a combination of naturally occurring, environmentally friendly minerals and a very small amount of silver oxide. It automatically controls the waters pH, alkalinity, total dissolved solids, scale, corrosion and bacteria and no other products are required.

As our filtration system is much more gentle on organic matieral (like your skin) in comparison to chlorine, you need to regulaly clean your filters, around once a fortnight. This will ensure your water is crystal clear.

We use an ultra efficient air to water heat pump with all our electric hot tubs. These heat pumps have a coefficiency of up to 6.21, making them three to six times more efficent than a regular spa heater. Depending on your electricity costs, this could mean you can keep your tub hot for less than $1 a day.