Electric Hot Tubs

Tarawera Hot Tub

This 1.7m Heatpump hot tub gives you the convenience of a tub that’s always hot whilst using around one-fifth of the energy required to heat other hot tubs. Its included external filtration system means you can keep your water crystal clear for up to 12 months. Get home from work, take off your shoes and let the hot freshwater take away the pains of the day. 

Wānaka Hot Tub

Our 2.1m Heat pump hot tub. Built for the busy entertainer. Don’t want to wait to jump in with the family? This one is for you. Because there’s no burner hogging space in this one you can fit yet another distant cousin.

What makes these tubs so special

Why Electric?

Energy Efficient

Using a 5 or 9.5kW air to water heat pump, reduces your heating costs to around a quarter the costs of a regular spa pool, effectivly paying for itself over its lifetime.

Stainless Steel Construction

All our tubs are made from stainless steel. Because of this we expect them to last at least 100 years. This will be the last hot tub you and your family will need for generations to come.

Less Water

Our seat is moulded into the shape of the tub, this cuts out hundreds of litres of water further reducing heating times and making our tubs very popular with those on restrained water supplies

Environmentally Friendly

We use a chemical-free filtration system that uses natural minerals - including silver oxide - instead of chlorine to keep your tub water fresh. This system automatically treats and balances your water for 12 months. The only maintenance required is washing out your filter regularly.

Future Proofed

As there may be better sources of heating in 50 years time, we've added the plumbing under the tubs to make it super simple to attach these sytems. The same goes for our accessories, these have all been designed to be simple to attach at a later date.